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April 07 2017


I recently found my “gold” hammer after misplacing it. It’s my favorite tool ever because it looks like a regular hammer trying to be fancy,

but then you twist both halves and unscrew it to find a flat-head screwdriver in the middle.

BUT, if you twist the very end and unscrew that

you find a phillips screwdriver.

BUT DON’T THINK THAT’S ALL THERE IS! THERE’S MORE!! unscrew the very end again to find a smaller flat-head screwdriver!


unscrew the end of this screwdriver to find a final, teeny tiny, flat-head screwdriver

look at how cute it is!

it’s like a matryoshka doll of tools.

March 30 2017

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February 19 2017

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July 07 2015

Helium Vector Magnetometer (HVM) of the Pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft
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June 29 2015

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Portal's 'Still Alive' Played by Fiber Laser

June 18 2015

June 15 2015

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June 13 2015

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June 10 2015

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Great, Now Robots Can Kill Us with Katana

(via Great, Now Robots Can Kill Us with Katana)

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June 07 2015

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June 01 2015

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May 19 2015

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May 17 2015

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May 09 2015

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Steam Turbine
MAN Diesel

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May 03 2015

The What? How? Wonder Book of ¾" x 1/8" Threaded Hex Bushings

April 27 2015

April 20 2015

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April 11 2015

Sexy circuit board printing!
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